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Tips By A Functional Medicine Expert In Denver

High Levels Of Histamine In Stool!Tips By A Functional Medicine Expert In Denver

Histamine is secreted to create inflammation or allergic reactions. A high level of histamine in the stool is a direct sign of inflammation raises concerns such as Leaking bowel syndrome.

The parameter of feces and blood histamine provides indications

An important distinction about the difference between food sensitivities and allergies. Histamine levels (And Hlktofrin) help distinguish between organic disorders such as inflammatory bowel disease (Inflammatory Bowel Diseases) - and functional disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS - Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and colon leaked (Leaky gut syndrome);

For example, normal levels of lactoferrin and histamine, in addition to symptoms of gastroenteritis

(Abdominal pain, flatulence, diarrhea) - indicate the possibility of a functional disorder like "Irritable bowel syndrome" and may order to get the most out of that status.

Will also need to be assisted psychotherapy. It is also recommended to undergo allergy Food/food sensitivities. Histamine is produced and deposited in mast cells (Basophilic Granulocytes) also called mast cells - white blood cells responsible for the adverse Allergic reaction. Mast cells histamine is released in reaction to the penetration of foreign protein (allergen).

And inflammation, mediated by IgE antibodies, other mediators that cause Lhistminozis are biogenic amines (Neurotransmitters groups of believers have positive effect on depression and mood) produced due Consumption of red wine, cheeses, sausages please, sea fish saltwater clams, pork, Oil and salted meat, sauerkraut, canned foods, food preservatives, spoiled food, food colorings and glutamate (Glutamate), prescription drugs (painkillers, stimulates heart, antacids)

Following tension (stress) or because of chronic inflammation resulting from other causes. Usually is Histamine level proportional to the clinical symptoms. Possible causes of the high level can be a state of Histminozis (- Histaminosis excessive secretion of History) caused by food, change responsiveness to foreign substances the body (sensitization Chronic - allergic reactions or food allergy characters) and Dysbiosis (Dysbiosis- Intestinal dysfunction associated with preventable adverse (Allergenic).

Status of Histminozis or pseudo-allergy (allergy-like) Histamine secretion causes it in response to chemical or toxic substances.

Treatment: The goal is to identify the substances that cause irritation.Here Are Some Reasons

• Consumption of dairy food (focusing on processed foods containing preservatives, dyes, and glutamate), and medicines like antidepressants that block the enzyme D-amino-oxidase (Di-Amino-Oxidase: DAO), to break down the histamine).
• Alcohol (which raises the level of histamine or blocking the DAO)• Avoid stress!
• Adopt a natural diet (such as rice or boiled potatoes) for a few days, to help B"aihoi "bowel leakage.
• Also, as stated above, it is recommended to consults a functional medicine expert.
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